1928 Phaeton for Sale

Alan Porter is selling his Model A:
Everyone knows it as Bennys car as he refurbished it
All pics and description is on Gumtree
Only car that club has full history
It has new tyres all round incl spare, new battery and cooling system done up recently
A RHD Canadian import sold in Northam to an accountant

ph: 0458 806 807

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Wes Hartley wins MAFCA Director’s Literary Award for 2019

Wes Hartley’s write-up of the Te Anau NZ National Rally that appeared in the Sept-Oct issue of The Restorer has won the 2019 MAFCA Director’s Literary Award.

Congratulations Wes – truly a fantastic achievement.

Wes’s article is attached below.

MAFCA – New Zealand Rally – The Restorer – Ps17-19 – Sept-Oct 2019

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Wanted: left hand front guard

Wanted – left front guard for 30-31 Model A. No spare wheel well.
Contact Hans Hurij, 0472 700 635

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Dash & tyres for sale

As-new Dash Panel (for an oval speedo) for sale- $40

2 Dunlop 5.25 x 21 Dunlop tyres, used, good for spares – $20ea

Phil Rebe, Mt Lawley, 9271 1018


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Mid-west run day 5 (and last)

After a leisurely breakfast at The Old Convent in Dalwalinu, the group travelled a very short distance indeed to the farm right next door. The owner of the farm (the sprightly, 80+ year-old Jim) proudly showed us his fantastic collection of windmills. He has them in 2 huge, brand-new sheds built just to house the windmills. He is obviously quite a craftsman because often the restored windmill was accompanied by a photgraph of the original piece of junk he started with. The variety of designs from both Australia and the USA was quite amazing.

Time was getting-on by the time we left Dalwalinu, so a change of route was decided and we just came home the shortest way – straight down Great Northern Highway (probably to the annoyance of quite a few truckies!). We stopped for lunch in New Norcia where everyone said their goodbyes as people would start to disperse as they got closer to their homes in Perth (and Northam).

A double-header windmill than Jim re-created just from photographs

we could have listened to Jim’s tales of windmills and farming for quite a time

Jim talking to the group

one of the first patented windmills from the late 1800s

more windmills

a small part of the collection, with Ross admiring a particularly attrractive wooden-sailed model

the cars outside one of the windmill sheds

a few club members admiring Jim’s 1912 Darracq

we were forced to pull over and stop for this load to come past (a base for a very large crane I suspect)

the last day’s drive

the total trip (blue=day 1, green=day 2, blue=day 3, red=day 4, purple=day 5)

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Mid-west run, day 4

Today we drove from Dongara to Dalwallinu. The weather wasn’t as hot as expected and most cars ran well with one exception – and that wasn’t mine (The Fowlers had manifold gasket and starter motor problems).
We back-tracked eastwards out to Mingenew again, then via Morawa, Perenjori and Wubin to Dalwallinu. We met with Horace & Jean in Morawa and they told us of a spot near Perenjori with some great wreath flowers in an old gravel pit – so we called in there on the way.
At Wubin, we visited the Wheat Bin Museum with a great display of wheat handling history in a 1939 wheat bin, plus old cars, tractors and other assorted stuff.
We stayed in The Old Convent guest house in Dalwallinu – except a few couples got “dongas” – which wasn’t all bad because you got your own en-suite. Before dinner, we were taken by mini-bus into town to watch a live performance by a keyboard and trumpet duo in the town amphitheatre (which was very good).
Home tomorrow.

stopped for roadworks
wreath flowers
The Old Convent guesthouse at Dalwalinu
Today’s travels
The trip so far
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Mid-west run, Day 3

A restful day in and around Dongara today. We started with the Dongara Museum, and then the helpful volunteer opened-up the old Russ Cottage for us just back over the bridge. (It’s a bit disturbing when lots of the stuff in museums isn’t that strange to you!).

After Russ Cottage, most cars headed north towards Geraldton and had lunch at the historic Greenough Village. After lunch, some people looked around the village, while others headed back to Dongara and people tended to do their own thing for the rest of the afternoon.

– and that’s about that for the day. Tomorrow Dalwalinu beckons.

Russ Cottage, Dongara


Dongara Museum


our caravan park is relying heavily on big rocks for it’s King Canute act


the grey shade in the trees is bird poo from the roosting darters and cormorants


today’s short travels

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Mid-west run, Day 2

A much longer today of 340km from Wongan Hills to Dongara. Things ran more smoothly for all the cars – no stopping for repairs. Our car did have a little period of loud back-firing, but enriching the fuel mixture a bit seemed to solve that problem.

Morning tea stop was at Moora where we also bought lunch – which was eventually taken at Carnamah. After an ice-cream stop at Mingenew, we eventually got to the beach-front caravan park at Dongara about 4:30 – enough time to unpack and relax a bit before walking down the road for dinner at a table set for 18.

Another glorious day weather-wise that cooled-off a bit as the Dongara Doctor took effect.

lunch in Carnamah


Dongara foreshore




Fowlers refuelling in Moora




Today’s drive


the trip so far

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Mid-West run day 1

Model A mid-west run, Day 1: Today was a short 200km run to Wongan Hills. I think it was about 30 degrees – and that is enough in a Model A.

Six Model As, an FB Holden and a “modern” left Midland at 9am, and had morning tea in Toodyay where we were joined by the Bristow-Staggs in another Model A. Next stop was Goomalling for lunch, and an early knock-off in Wongan Hills before 2:30. There were a couple of hiccups along the way: the Fowler’s points needed a tweak, and the Paisley’s fuel filter needed hurling in the bush, but no major dramas (Alan Jeffree to the rescue – including a tune-up for the Fowler’s car in the Wongan Hills Hotel car park).

A wander around the main street for some, then an early dinner for all in the pub – ready for an early start on a long day to Dongara tomorrow.

Today’s travels
Only 2 heads fitted under this bonnet
Wongan Hills pub
Refuelling at Wongan Hills
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1931 Tudor


  • Mitchell Overdrive
  • Cast drums
  • Float-A-Motor mounts
  • V8 Pressure plate conversion
  • Steering Stabiliser
  • B – Ford head and pump
  • Weber carburettor
  • Electronic ignition
  • Oil filter installation
  • Twin tail lights

For further details voice calls only to  :  042 777 6214


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