Millman: Murray Bridge trip – it’s a wrap

Good morning
The three of us arrived home on Monday 12.30pm safe and sound, only a flat tyre on Old Mort 30kms from Collie, apart from the normal oil leaks on a Model A both vehicles performed quite well. Both vehicles will require some electrical work before another long run, Nellie Fordor requires a complete re wire and Old Mort needs wiring upgrade.
Sue and Anne did a wonderful job of driving over 2,500kms averaging 360kms per day (although Sue did all the driving and Anne listening for any strange noises) it was quite an achievement. I must say it is a concern having to worry about looking after two 90 year old vehicles and getting two ladies home.
An update on total funds raised including online and donations collected along the trip was $1441.93 thanks to all those generous people who donated to this worthy cause.
Anne and Wayne

Wayne’s Motor Neuron Disease fundraising page

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Millman: Balladonia-Corrigin

Good evening
Departed Balladonia for Coolgardie yesterday, only got a few kms down the road and the electrical gremlins popped up. Rang a mate Mick Williams an auto lecky instructed me how to fix the problem by disconnecting the amp meter problem solved, thanks Mick.
Made our way to Coolgardie without any other dramas, booked into a motel because of inclement weather forecast, rained all night. Set off this morning for Corrigin rain and strong head winds to Merridin, arrived at Corrigin approx 4.30pm. Last leg back home tomorrow.
Hope you have enjoyed the updates as much as we have enjoyed our tour.
Anne , Sue and Wayne

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Millman: back across the Nullabor

Hi All
Since leaving Wirrulla on Wed made it to Nullabor Roadhouse for the night, then onto Madura for next stopover, no problems so far. Left Madura yesterday hoping to make Fraser Range, unfortunately there was a Roadtrain accident and the road was closed 5kms west of Balladonia so stayed the night at Balladonia.
Met up with Sue and John Watson at Caiguna they are travelling well, have also been in contact with Peter Satori they were at Nullabor Roadhouse last night all is well with them.
We are heading to Coolgardie today and should be back in Collie on Monday
Regards from
Anne, Sue and Wayne

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Millman: heading home

Hi All
First of all we would to thank South Australia Model A club for a wonderful and very enjoyable 25th National rally and 90th year celebration. Gary Fischer and his committee deserve a lot of praise for their effort.

We packed up on Sunday ready for the long haul home along with Sue Swindell, checked over both cars adjusted brakes, check all oils etc.

Departed Murray Bridge yesterday arrived in Port Augusta approx 4.00pm for the first stop over, we are now in Wirulla approx 90 east of Ceduna for the night, so far both cars going ok.  Tomorrow should make Nullabor Roadhouse only doing average of approx 360kms per day as Sue is driving her car back and don’t want push her to hard.

That’s all for now.

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Murray Bridge – final days.

Friday passed easily with motoring around MB and surrounds. Those that booked the Proud Mary paddle boat dinner/lunch enjoyed it. We booked for dinner which seemed like a good idea, but after the sunset, all we could see was our own reflections and it was too cold to go on deck. 


Darryl’s caught the flu so we spent a quiet day at the caravan park on Friday listening to the relaxing roar of jet boats out skiing on the first sunny day we’ve had. Saturday we parked down in the show and shine at Sturt Park with all the other 200 odd  As to make an awesome display, before regrouping for the presentation dinner. 

Happy Birthday Model A

SA committee outdid themselves. The food, company and entertainment was great. There was a lot of period costumes, laughs and dancing.

Westerns Australia attendees, 37 in total

Glad won the hard luck prize ( I’ll let you read previous posts for details) and Wayne and Anne Millman got the prize for the furtherest driven which we guess was based on the weeks of touring in circles they did before the meet. Young Emma and Philip Wringe won the prize for the best dressed juniors. 

Paul Kelly, Brett Pollock and Richard Allen — Hard luck award

Brett and ‘his staff’ were auctioneers for the night with Pete Eardley taking international phone bids. 

Most WA attendees are shooting off straight after breakfast. Many are heading on for additional touring and visiting of friends and family before heading home. Brett, Paul and Richard are primed and ready for the mad dash Home with others taking things a bit more relaxed. 

Glad and George, on the road again. Well, off the road actually.

At least everyone got away ok. A Qld attendee blew a head gasket in the car park at the farewell breakfast and the whole Qld touring party of 26 were heading back to the caravan park to checkin and open the workshop. 

Happy and safe travels everyone.

Thats it from me — out.

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Millman: National Meet 2

Sue & Anne relaxing before the Presentation dinner tonight.

Thank you Sue for your very generous donation.

Wayne’s Motor Neuron Disease fundraising page

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The National Meet – day 4

Bit if a quiet day today. Darryl has caught the lurgy that is going around and spent the day in bed. It was the first day of sunshine and warmth too, which was a bit disappointing. I made the most of it by reading on the veranda overlooking the Murray river with all the water skiers.

Many people are out and about visiting the zoo and doing the other optional runs suggested by the committee.

We went on the Proud Mary river cruise for dinner in the evening. In retrospect, this was a poor choice because as soon as the sun set, we couldn’t see anything except our own reflections in the windows. Oh well, the company and dinner were great.

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The National Meet -day 3

Mandatory run today. As with all the information the SA committee has provided, the directions were excellent. We started in MB and wound our way through the Adelaide hills before stopping for morning tea at Mount Torrens. 

Cooks looking dapper

Here we go. Mandatory run to Mannum

IT WAS FREEZING. well, that isn’t strictly true, it was 7 degrees! Brass monkey weather and a lot colder than MB so most people weren’t dressed well. I pity the poor sods In the dicky seats and I’m eternally thankful I wasn’t one of them. It was cold enough in the Tudor that the engine didn’t get past tepid despite all the hills. Once we arrived at our stopping points, there was an unseemly rush for the toilets and coffee. Lord!

I told you it was cold

And down dale

And down dale

We continued on through beautiful scenery to the destination at Mannum. The bakery there got quite a hiding and the sun even showed its face briefly. Tonight, many of the attendees will be on the paddles steamer dinner cruise.  We headed straight back to camp as Darryl has fallen to the lurgy which is making the rounds. 

Mannum foreshore

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Millman: National meet 1

I don’t have a great deal to report at this stage except we are having a wonderful time at 25th National rally. River cruise luncheon today, yesterday was the compulsory run to Mannum all the A’s lined up ready to head off was a wonderful sight to see, there is just 200 entries but not sure how many A models present but a guess 150. Took a video but unfortunately can’t upload to this site.
Photo of Rally secretary presenting the large NZ members that came over for the rally.

Thank you Wes and Beverly for generous donation, the money is in the MNDAWA tin all monies in the tins will be banked when we return home and amount raised will posted on the Motor Neuron Disease fundraising page.
Anne and Wayne

Wayne’s Motor Neuron Disease fundraising page

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The National Meet -day 1 and 2

Registration went smoothly with the SA meet committee demonstrating fantastic organisation and planning skills. Hours were spent nattering and catching up with old friends and familiar faces. The trade tables were great with a the highlight being a large range of 1929-30s fashion items for sale all sourced from local op shops over the last year. 

The first day was filled with optional runs and dinner in the evening. 

A large group of WAers went to Tailem Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend and then to Old Tailem Town. Not necessarily on that order as some got lost on the way. The Bend racetrack is very impressive, but we were not allowed to go for a spin.

The Bend

Tailem Bend was a nice town and the train museum was great.  Old Tailem town was the highlight of the day. It it a huge collection of old buildings arranged into a town of streets, business and homes. It had every commercial business possible with the building decked out with the appropriate equipment and nicknacks. Dentist, chemist, theatre, pub, solicitor, drapery , butcher etc etc. nearly 100 buildings in all

Darryl at the barber?


Darryl John and Bob all found the pub

Old Tailem

Bob Horgan did WA proud in the Hubley racing coming 2nd in the heats. Chris, Philip and Emma Wringe all competed for WA too. 

Dinner was very nice and dessert was awesome. All in all a great start to the meet. Tomorrow is the mandatory run to Mannum. 

Big announcement that the 2020 Meet will be in Ballarat.

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