Day 7 – Yulara To Kings Canyon

Day 7 Yulara to Kings Canyon

The morning spent touring and resupply. Some time spent to retune “Merv” We are all still scratching our heads as to why the car is performing poorly.

All to meet at the roadhouse at 12-30 to continue on to Kings Canyon some 300 km away which we hope to achieve by nightfall.

Stopped at Curtain Springs for afternoon tea and changed carby and fuel lead on Bob Piercy’s phaeton.

Continued on towards Kings Canyon but made slow progress as “Merv” was the slow car. (again)

With dusk approaching set up bush camp some 85 km short of Kings Canyon. Great stories and much camaraderie around the camp fire that night.

Ross At Work

Ross At Work

Curtain Springs

Curtain Springs

Carby Change

Carby Change

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  2. i was impressed when i saw kristy doing it for the first time. YOurs came out wonderful and looks really gooood! i must try one day! Happy weekend to you!

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