Perth return Day 7 Ceduna – Nullabor

Sorr  about the delay but there is little Telstra coverage on the Nullabor Plains.

We packed up camp south of Ceduna[which had only one mozzie and headed for Ceduna for fuel and a coffee. Now Easter Saturday, shopped for our camp-out  dinner steaks, met some locals and had a nice time. Ceduna has cleaned up its act and is a nice town situated in farming country on the Great Australian Bight.

Heading true west now onto Ponong and Nundroo which is the end of the farming country and some mining.  Refuelled and now in undulating gum country with limestone ridges. Glad performing well, hope the main mob had some good fishing , weather is calm and beautiful.

Now out onto the treeless part of the Nullabor Plain on a great day; a special part of Australia.  Headed into the Head of the Bight Interpretive Centre and whale watching observation decks where one can see east and west along the magnificent cliffs, all about 1000 feet high; a helicopter flew past feet above us. Rattled the RFDS tins and headed onto Nullabour Roadhouse to refuel and check water supply for camping out.

Headed west along the Bight and found a fantastic camp site at the 120km from WA on top of the cliffs. But sheltered , we witnessed the best sunset and followed by a beautiful full- moon-rise welcome to Easter, both framed by the cliffs; a wonderful experience and a great camp.  Cooked the steaks, a little whisky and the end to a great day. Glad  and Tommy were happy too!

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