Day One – Around the Top End. March 4th, 2012

Day one completed . We all arrived before sunset at Kirkaloka station 60 km south of Mt Magnet.

We have just eaten Lorraine Piercy hotpot stew, serviced the cars and repaired 2 flat tyres.

Brett’s GLAD had points problems but now going fine. Anthony’s car had fuel vapourization but going well now.  Colins 31 had a flat tyre, now fixed. Bob Piercy had boiling problems due to putting coolant in the radiator, a no no for Model As. All cars and support cars ready for tomorrow. Hope to be in Koomarina roadhouse by 4pm for a bush camp

Weather is hot midday about 38c , we completed 500km . 6200 km to Ipswich. The Club saw us off from Upper Swan and followed us 30km to Bullsbrook where we departed North to New Norcia and on to Wubin for lunch , and pick up Glads offsider Alan. The cars had their initial problems at this stage; they did not like the heat and hills. We eventually arrived at Kirkalocka at sunset. We designed the trip to have the first 2 days over 500km to sort out the cars and the drivers. We made it.

Colin Davidson preparing his 1931 for the trip camp trailer being loaded

Peter Eadley has arrived in Perth from Esperance. He is travelling the greatest distance of all team members. On his way to Perth he blew a head gasket and a tyre, hopefully he will not experience any further problems – he’s reached the starting line. Frank and Colin have packed the camp trailer and we will all meet at Ginger’s Road House in the Upper Swan at 7 am for a 7.30 start. Western Australian Model A Restorer’s Club will be giving us a send- off. We can’t wait to get on the road North. Some partners have been slightly offended to hear their men whistling as they pack their bags!

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7 Responses to Day One – Around the Top End. March 4th, 2012

  1. admin says:

    All the best guys! I have placed 12 photos taken this morning on our web. AJ

  2. admin says:

    Hi Brett! Where is your daily report for us to read?
    Hope all is going well!
    Regards Alan J

  3. Murray and Julie says:

    Happy travels around the top. Will see you in Katherine NT

    Murray and Julie

  4. rodney eardley says:

    Hi Peter Hope you and Bob the banker are going well. Read about the mishaps on the way to Perth. Hope to get more reports. Rodney

  5. Debbie Stallman says:

    G;day everyone,
    Hope all is going really well. We look forward to the trip updates. Please also give our love to Reg and Coral (Mum and Dad)
    Love Barry & Deb Stallman

  6. Sue Graham says:

    Good luck Brett, Allan and the everybody.
    Take care

  7. Glenn says:

    Caught up with a couple of the guys at Newman and had a chat. Also caught up with a couple on my way back to Yandi. Great job guys they look real good on the open roads. Safe trip to all.

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